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XLHost Block Storage (XLBS)

Cloud storage for your dedicated server

XLHost Block Storage (XLBS) combines industry leading storage and networking hardware to provide an incredibly fast and reliable storage platform for your data. XLBS is presented to your XLHost dedicated servers as an ISCSI LUN and is capable of handling multiple connections to the same LUN simultaneously. This flexibility makes XLBS invaluable for hosting virtual machines in situations where single hypervisor failure cannot lead to application failure. The storage and network architecture used for XLBS is certified for use with VMWare, Citrix, Hyper-V, and virtually every other hypervisor product available on the market.

XLHost Block Storage uses an automatically tiered mix of SATA, 10KRPM SAS, 15KRPM SAS, and ultra-fast SSD disks to deliver a consistently high level of performance while delivering unprecedented availability.

Pricing for XLBS starts at $10 per month (for a 25GB volume) and includes a dedicated 1Gbps connection to the XLHost Cloud Fabric for up to two dedicated servers (including configuration). Additional dedicated servers can be connected to the XLHost Cloud Fabric for $2/month.

XLBS is the first service offering to use the XLHost Cloud Fabric. XLHost will be launching several more unique services which will be available on XLHost Cloud Fabric very soon.

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