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Custom hosting solutions to meet your needs

Load Balancing Working with Foundry Networks, XLHost can help you achieve your performance/reliability goals while keeping your costs under control.
VPN (MOBILE USER/TUNNEL) Managed Virtual Private Network services from XLHost provide the ultimate security for your dedicated server(s) and hosted infrastructure.
Network Storage NAS allows any machine within our datacenter to mount completely redundant SCSI disk slices as local drives on the client server.

Data Security Fully automated, best in breed client-agent backup solution for both Linux and Windows.
KVM Remote Management Maximize server uptime from anywhere in the world wtih BIOS-level dedicated server control.
Uptime Defender Your server is monitored around the clock for both performance and availability issues.

System Admin Plus Industry standard techniques for installing, configuring, optimizing, and managing any software or services that you need to run on your dedicated server
Safe & Sound Safe and Sound from XLHost combines industry leading Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and Firewall security technology to give you the peace of mind.
Complete Server Management The fully managed option incorporates all of the managed services at a discounted price and provides the best value for fully managed hosting.

Dedicated & Virtual Hosting
Dedicated Servers
XLHost has the right dedicated server hosting services at the right price.
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Virtual Private Servers
Don't require the performance and complete control of a dedicated server? Try a virtual private server.
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