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KVM Over IP Solution

BIOS-level dedicated server control

Secure BIOS-level dedicated server control
With companies all over the world outsourcing their IT infrastructure; operating system based server management solutions such as SSH, VNC, and Remote Desktop (RDP) have come a long way from the days of being merely a convenience. Many companies rely on these technologies on a daily basis to allow them to manage their dedicated servers and other hosted services. While these technologies often offer a high level of reliability, flexibility, and performance there are certain situations where hardware based server management technology can be crucial to the constant operation of an online business.
XLHost strives to offer as many leading edge self service options as possible to our valued customers, resellers, and partners. Combined with our remote reboot service, a KVM-IP solution from XLHost gives you ultimate control over your dedicated server. KVM (or Keyboard demo Mouse) switches are not new technology, datacenters large and small have been using these devices for well over a decade to provide local console access to sometimes hundreds or thousands of servers in a single deployment. KVM over IP (or KVM-IP) takes that solution one step further and instead of extending the Keyboard, demo, and Mouse from the host dedicated server to a physical console, KVM-IP extends it virtually over an IP network to virtually anywhere in the world.

XLHost has chosen Lantronix as our partner for KVM-IP solutions. The Lantronix SecureLinx Spider KVM-IP device is truly a next generation hardware based server management solution. Unlike traditional KVM-IP solutions where multiple dedicated servers connect to a single KVM-IP switch, each SecureLinx Spider is dedicated to a single dedicated server. The SecureLinx Spider has many benefits including:

For more information please see the Lantronix XLHost Case Study.
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