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Network Storage

Robust and affordable dedicated server backup solution

Data, data, everywhere, but never when you need it.
The importance of backing up system files, configurations, and user data to a secure and highly available off-server source has never been more critical. Outside threats such as worms, viruses, unpredictable operating system patches and vulnerability exploits; have made the climate for Internet connected servers much more unpredictable. RAID is a great and even highly recommended idea for protecting against physical disk failure; but what if the data on both volumes is corrupted or even deleted? Leveraging industry leading NAS technology, XLHost has developed a robust and affordable backup solution for our hosting customers.

  • Backup

  • Data Storage
  • basic

  • $5

    per month

  • 10GB Storage
  • standard

  • $10

    per month

  • 20GB Storage
  • super

  • $15

    per month

  • 30GB Storage
  • ultimate

  • $20

    per month

  • 40GB Storage
You can do things your way.
The XLHost NAS backup solution allows any machine within our datacenter to mount completely redundant SCSI disk slices as local hard drives on the client server. There are a multitude of methods you can use to mount the drives (iSCSI, NFS, SMB, FTP) and your share/slice can also be made available via HTTP/HTTPS for simple means of file transport. This NAS solution is compatible with every backup software package that supports direct to disk backups (Retrospect, BrightStor, CommVault, NetVault, Netbackup, Tivoli, Shadow Copy, Microsoft Data Protection Manager, Rsync and more.)

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