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Reseller Hosting (XRP)

Dedicated server reseller program

What is the XLHost Reseller Program?
The XLHost reseller program is designed for hosting resellers that add value beyond the XLHost base service offering.

How does the XLHost Reseller Program work?
The XLHost Reseller Program is a non-exclusive program available to qualified organizations worldwide.
The program allows resellers to offer XLHost services that are promoted by XLHost as well as exclusive reseller -only offerings.
The main benefit of this program is volume discounts on dedicated server purchases and add-ons.
Resellers order their services through the Reseller portal in Grande.

What are the benefits of the XLHost Reseller Program?

Level Requirement Dedicated Discount VPS Discount
1 5-10 Dedicated Servers 5% 2%
2 11-25 Dedicated Servers 8% 5%
3 25-40 Dedicated Servers 12% 8%
4 40+ Dedicated Servers 15% 11%

  • Preferential pricing and availability on limited, promotional, and overstock services.
  • Preferential pricing on operating system (Windows, Redhat, Cloud Linux) licensing
  • Preferential pricing on Control Panels (cPanel, Plesk)

  • Preferential server delivery
  • Published Reseller information for IP addresses (ARIN Database, Reverse DNS)

To qualify for the XLHost Reseller Program you will be required to:
  • Have a verifiable web site where you will market and sell XLHost services
  • Have a verifiable company name and address from which you will sell and promote XLHost services.
  • Provide technical support to your clients.
  • Provide billing support to your clients.

  • Resolve any and all abuse complaints in a timely manner.
  • Resell XLHost services at or above the published retail pricing.
  • Add value to the offering above what XLHost provides.
  • Be an XLHost customer for at least 30 days with 5 or more regularly priced servers.

Reseller discounts will not apply to specials or sales and cannot be combined with coupon or promotional codes. XLHost reserves the right to reject applications which do not meet the criteria presented in this document.

How do I sign up?
To apply for the XLHost Reseller Program (XRP) please contact with a brief introduction to your organization. We will then send you an application to join XRP.

If you have questions about the XLHost Reseller Program please contact us at

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