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Enterprise Hardware

Realiability & Performance

  • Dell Poweredge Severs

  • Intel Brand CPUs

  • SuperMicro Motherboards

  • Western Digital Hard Drives

XLHost has been offering dedicated servers since 1995. Since that time we have learned that although enterprise grade hardware costs more, the benefits in terms of reliability and performance create a premier experience for our customers. Through our relationships with our partners we are able to provide our customers with enterprise dedicated hosting solutions with value that other hosting providers simply cannot match.

We realize that different businesses have different requirements, which is why we offer a complete range of server configurations. In addition, if you find that none of our offerings match your requirements we are happy to customize any of our servers to meet your needs. We can do simple things like CPU, RAM, and Disk upgrades all the way to complex PCI-Express storage, GPU, and networking configurations.

We can also custom order complete servers from Dell to your exact specifications. XLHost hardware partners include:

Dell - Enterprise server platforms
SuperMicro - Enterprise server platforms
Western Digital - Hard drives
Seagate - Hard drives
Intel - CPUs and solid state disks

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