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Load Balancing

A highly resilient & reliable hosting platform

While server hardware continues to advance at a blistering pace; the growth of the Internet, and the ever growing demands of your customers to deliver always-on applications and services drives the need for highly resilient, reliable, and responsive hosting platforms. XLHost in conjunction with Brocade, Riverbed, and other application acceleration leaders can help you achieve your performance/reliability goals while considerably reducing your technology costs.

XLHost offers two load balancing options with a multitude of possible configurations:

Load balancing
The XLHost load balancing platform can be deployed on our Brocade ADX hardware based platform or our Riverbed Stingray platform for maximum flexibility. Both options include L3 and L4-7 service health monitoring and your choice of prediction method (round robin, least connections, weighted).

The XLHost load balancing service is a managed service.

  • Balancer

  • With SSL
  • 250 Connections

  • $29

    per month

  • $39
  • 500 Connections

  • $59

    per month

  • $79
  • 1000 Connections

  • $119

    per month

  • $159
  • 2500 Connections

  • $239

    per month

  • $319
  • 5000 Connections

  • $469

    per month

  • $629
Dedicated Load Balancer
Our dedicated load balancer service allows for more deployment options compared to the shared load balancing service. Also dedicated load balancers can be managed by XLHost, Managed by the customer, or deployed on a limited co-management basis. XLHost currently offers Brocade Application Delivery Accelerator (ADX) hardware load balancers OR we can deploy the Riverbed stingray software load balancer on our enterprise dedicated servers.

Dedicated Brocade ADX starts at $799/month
High availability pair of Brocade ADX load balancers starts at $1999/month
Enterprise dedicated server with Riverbed Stingray starts at $369/month

Don’t see the option you are looking for? Please contact sales to find out how we can help you!

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