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Firewall Protection

WatchGuard Security for your dedicated server

Whether your organization is a small business with one server or an enterprise with 1,000 servers, a tiered approach to security is absolutely vital to protect your infrastructure from both known and unknown threats. More so than ever before for malicious groups on the Internet stealing data or disrupting ecommerce has become a very large business. XLHost provides multiple security products as options for dedicated servers.

Dedicated Hardware Firewalls
A dedicated hardware firewall is deployed in front of one or more dedicated servers and inspects and filters all traffic entering your network from XLHost. In addition hardware firewalls at XLHost are capable both multi-user and IPSEC VPN. Dedicated hardware firewalls can be deployed as XLHost managed or customer managed giving you ultimate control over the configuration of your firewall. This includes all traffic logging, reporting, and monitoring.

All of the XLHost dedicated hardware firewalls also support optional unified threat management features such as Gateway Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention (IPS), and Reputation Enabled Defense.

  • Firebox

  • Max Sessions
  • Watchguard XTM 330

  • $99

    per month

  • 40,000
  • Watchguard XTM 510

  • $150

    per month

  • 50,000
  • Watchguard XTM 530

  • $369

    per month

  • 350,000
  • Watchguard XTM 810

  • $699

    per month

  • 500,000
  • Watchguard XTM 830

  • $999

    per month

  • 1,000,000
If you prefer a different dedicated firewall model or vendor please contact our sales department with detailed requirements.

Hardware Firewall
The hardware firewall is a managed service which allows dedicated servers to be connected to a dedicated port on a firewall shared by multiple customers. Each customer gets their own per-port configuration and there is complete isolation between users. This configuration gives XLHost the opportunity to offer hardware firewall services at a lower cost than the dedicated firewall option.

The hardware firewall option is priced at $30/month.

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