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VPN (Mobile user/tunnel)

The ultimate security for your dedicated server

Securing outsourced IT infrastructure can be a challenge, dedicated servers are often times connected directly to the Internet with no firewall between them and the bevy of threats that have surfaced over the last several years. Allowing direct, unencrypted access to services such as SSH, Remote Desktop, Microsoft SQL, FTP, and other brute-force targets gives attackers the opportunity to compromise the security of your dedicated servers by leveraging simple automated techniques. Managed Virtual Private Network services from XLHost provide the ultimate security for your dedicated server(s) and hosted infrastructure.

There are two types of VPN which are commonly used, mobile user VPN and tunneling.

Mobile user VPN is useful when you or your users are often in different places and you need to always be securely connected to your resources. Mobile VPN comes in two types SSL and IPSEC. Both types of Mobile VPN combine ease of use with industry leading security. Data sent from any user connected via Mobile User VPN in the world will be encrypted before reaching your dedicated server's private network interface. Only the services you choose will be available via your dedicated server's public network interface. The Mobile VPN client is easy to use and works with Microsoft Windows and Apple operating systems. Pricing for Mobile VPN is based on a per-user basis.

IPSEC tunnels are useful when you have one or more fixed physical locations such as branch offices, or retail locations which you wish to securely connect to resources hosted by your dedicated server(s) at XLHost. All data sent between the remote location and the XLHost network is encrypted. Only the services you choose will be available via your dedicated server's public network interface. XLHost's IPSEC solution is compatible with virtually every remote-end solution including: OpenVPN, Cisco ASA/PIX, Watchguard, and more. Pricing for IPSEC tunnels is based on a per tunnel basis.

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