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Cloud servers from XLHost are virtual machines that provide resizable computing resources. Through a simple web interface you can create, scale, and operate your cloud servers. You pay only for the resources you use. XLHost cloud servers were designed to work in conjunction with or independently of other XLHost services.

Cloud Server benefits

  • Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems
  • Increase or decrease capacity instantly (manually or automatically)
  • Hypervisor fault tolerance
  • Complete root access to the virtual machines including console access
  • Pay only for what you use, virtual machine pricing as low as $0.011/hr
  • Load balancing
  • Custom template creation
  • Persistent block storage
  • Automatic backups
  • Flexible resource units include CPUs, memory, primary storage, backup storage, IOPS, IP addresses, and more
  • Complete isolation between customers provides a secure computing environment
  • Fully configurable firewall

Example Compute Pricing



SSD Storage


Hourly Cost

Monthly Cost
1GB 1 25GB 1TB $0.006584996 $4.81
2GB 1 50GB 1TB $0.013159992 $9.61
3GB 1 60GB 1TB $0.015959489 $11.65
2GB 2 60GB 1TB $0.015686992 $11.45
1GB 3 60GB 1TB $0.015414496 $11.25
4GB 2 80GB 1TB $0.021285985 $15.54
8GB 4 160GB 1TB $0.04257197 $31.08
16GB 6 320GB 1TB $0.085123939 $62.14
32GB 8 640GB 1TB $0.170207878 $124.25
48GB 12 960GB 1TB $0.255311817 $186.38
64GB 16 1280GB 1TB $0.340415756 $248.50
96GB 20 1920GB 1TB $0.510583635 $372.73
128GB 24 2600GB 1TB $0.690819513 $504.30

Other Pricing Details

Inbound Bandwidth: Free

Outbound Bandwidth: First TB Included $0.01/GB after

Additional IP addresses: $0.00278000 per hour / $2.0294 per month

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