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Dedicated Server
Iron Clad Network
Our network was designed and is operated to exceed your expectations for performance, availability, security, and scalability.
Enterprise Servers
XLHost uses enterprise dedicated servers and components to ensure continual performance and availability.
Secure Datacenter
Our datacenter combines state of the art power, security, and climate to keep you running in even the most extreme conditions.
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XLHost has been serving thousands of clients in over 130 countries since 1995. Put our hosting expertise to work for your business.
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Dedicated Server hosting

Whether you need one or one hundred dedicated servers, XLHost offers unbeatable performance and value for businesses and enterprises of all sizes seeking to increase productivity and reduce IT spending.

Virtual Private Server hosting

Virtual Private Servers from XLHost are a big step-up from traditional shared web hosting, offering almost all of the control of a dedicated server but at a fraction of the price and with much greater scalability.

Discounted Dedicated hosting

Our Discount Rack dedicated servers are backed by the same support and SLAs as all of our dedicated servers. Inventory changes often so check back on a regular basis to save big.

Advanced Hosting solutions

Do you need a LAN for your SAN so that you won't flood your WAN? Don't worry, we speak your language! XLHost offers custom solutions including managed VPN, Load Balancing, Database Clustering, Private Clouds, and much more!
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"Support for problem-solving, commissioning new boxes and reinstalling existing dedicated servers has been excellent.
We are really happy to be working with a partner who has proven they are capable of delivering reliable service."
~ Simon Lynch, CEO Just Landed