NAS Storage / Self-Managed Backup

Robust and affordable storage solutions

NAS Storage

The XLHost NAS solution allows any machine within our datacenter to mount completely redundant SCSI disk volumes as file shares on the client server. There are a multitude of methods you can use to mount the storage (SMB/CIFS, FTP/FTPS) for simple means of file transport. This NAS solution is compatible with every backup software package that supports direct to disk backups (Veeam, BackupExec, CommVault, NetVault, Shadow Copy, Rsync and more.)

NAS can be accessed via


Useful for

  • File share
  • Backup or archival storage

NAS Storage Pricing

$5 per month

10GB NAS Storage

$10 per month

20GB NAS Storage

$15 per month

30GB NAS Storage

$20 per month

40GB NAS Storage

XLGuard/Self-managed backup

The importance of backing up system files, configurations, and user data to a secure and highly available off-server source has never been more critical. Outside security threats and accidental deletion of data is a real risk for organizations. XLHost has developed a robust and affordable backup solution for our hosting customers. XLHost leverages Server Backup Manager by R1Soft to backup and restore customer data.

Servers are fully operational durning backups, impact of backup and overhead is minimal.


  • GUI backup setup and schedule
  • Instant restore
  • Secure backups
  • Intrusion protection

Useful for

  • Dedicated servers
  • Virtual private servers
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Database Backup

Self-Managed Backup Options (Includes software license)

$25 per month

10GB Backup storage

$35 per month

20GB Backup storage

$45 per month

30GB Backup storage

$45 per month

40GB Backup storage

Server Backup Manager features include:

Bare Metal Disaster Recovery

Your dedicated server can be restored to its previous state prior to a complete disk failure without re-installing the operating system or partitioning a new hard disk.

Strong encryption

User can enable various levels of encryption both for when the data is stored on XLHost’s storage cluster and while being transferred through XLHost’s No Compromises network.

High Performance

Servers are fully operational during backups, impact of backup and overhead is minimal.

Remote Administration

Web based interface allows you to manage your own backup and restore operations.

Open File Backups

CDP includes Open File Backups. No additional software agent is required.

Email reporting

Near Continuous Data Protection

While your dedicated server is running, CDP keeps track of what sectors on the disk have changed. This allows for instant incremental backups without time consuming block-by-block comparisons.

MySQL Support

Completely backup your MySQL Server

Very small backup windows

Only changed disk sectors are copied, incremental backups are completed within minutes.

cPanel Support

Integrates fully with cPanel, Plesk

Web Based Management

Allow your customers to manage their restore/backup operations.