Our History

Hosting industry leader since 1993

XLHost is a privately held organization in Columbus, OH.

Our Motto at XLHost is “Greatest Support & Latest Technology.” We help clients take their business to the next level, while providing reliable and fast service. Customers always come first at XLHost, and we realize that value means more than just low prices. That is the premise our company was built on.

How It All Started

The parent company of XLHost – eNET Inc. – was one of the very first companies devoted to server and web hosting. Involved in providing quality Internet access and hosting services since 1993, eNET steadily grew from a local provider into a regional Internet leader with a presence in several major cities. Once the Internet became more common, the demand for servers and hosts expanded substantially.

XLHost: The Beginning

This demand for faster and more reliable services led to the creation of XLHost in 2000. Everything – including networks, servers, operating systems and datacenters – were evolving at a blistering pace at this point. XLHost has always remained on the forefront of making the newest technology available to its customers and partners.

Vision Into the Future

Today, XLHost continues to grow with a development roadmap well into the future. The XLHost datacenter is privately owned and operated by XLHost. This ensures that XLHost can expand to a virtually unlimited size while controlling costs. Everything we offer from our Grande Support Center and devoted team members, to state-of-the-art technology and a top-notch network, is tailored to add value to our service offering.

We realize there are several options available. So we appreciate each and every XLHost client and are committed to providing reliable and fast service today, tomorrow and well into the future.