Why Choose XLHost?

Reliable hosting since 1995

When choosing an infrastructure provider to host your critical IT applications there are several major factors to consider such as risk mitigation, performance, reliability, scalability, and value. XLHost offers flexible and customizable hosting solutions which range from a single Virtual Private Server to a private suite full of dedicated servers.

XLHost began offering dedicated servers in 1995, since then we have had the opportunity to serve thousands of startup, small business and enterprise customers from over 130 countries. Our customers appreciate our long track record of ultra-reliable, hyper-scale services and we consistently meet or exceed goals for customer satisfaction, service availability, and performance.

XLHost owns and operates two datacenters in Columbus, OH where we host thousands of dedicated and virtual private servers. Those dedicated servers are connected to the Internet via our state of the art IP network. XLHost leverages the latest enterprise hardware from partners such as Dell, Intel, Supermicro, and Seagate to deliver a customer experience which is unmatched by our peers.

Datacenters, networks, and hardware do not operate themselves (yet). Since 1995 we have built an operations team including network engineers, facilities engineers, expert system administrators, software developers, and support staff with more than 100 years of combined working experience in providing mission critical services. In addition to our own staff, our relationship with our technology partners such as Microsoft and Red Hat ensure that we are able to create solutions that will meet even the most extreme requirements.

In contrast to many of our competitors XLHost offers dedicated servers on a month by month basis and does not require long term contracts. A month to month model keeps the responsibility on XLHost to perform in a manner that exceeds customer expectations. The fact that XLHost has consistently grown since 1995 is evidence of our success in delighting customers every month.

When you combine our facilities, network infrastructure, enterprise grade hardware, operations team, partner relationships, and superior track record we believe that the XLHost value proposition becomes crystal clear. Once you realize that we offer all of this for less than our competition and internal IT departments we firmly believe that you will agree with us that XLHost is the obvious choice.

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