CDN Network

Speed Matters

Improve website load time
Fast media streaming
Scalable and reliable
Pay only for what you use

The XLHost Cloud Delivery Network (CDN) is a service that provides developers and businesses of all sizes the ability to distribute their content globally without the need for multiple points of presence. Your users enjoy lower latency and enhanced transfer speeds and your business benefits from low costs, ease of use, and no long term commitment.

CDN Highlights

  • Pay only for what you use, no minimum amounts
  • 38 locations on 5 continents ensures that your content is always close to your users
  • Supports push, pull, and caching of static/dynamic content
  • Setup in minutes through web based control panel or API
  • Publish your content to all 5 regions or a single region
  • Supports live video streaming and video on demand

Region Pricing

$49 per terabyte

North America / Europe

$89 per terabyte

South America

$100 per terabyte


$150 per terabyte


Already signed up with XLHost? Existing customers can access the cloud from Grande.

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