Private/cloud networking

Custom private and cloud network connectivity options.

Private Network

Private networks at XLHost are scalable, secure, high performance layer 2 networks used to transmit data between your servers within our datacenters.


  • Network equipment is dedicated to your organization to prevent oversubscription.
  • Hardware by Cisco, Juniper, Dell/EMC, and Arista Networks
  • 1Gbps standard, 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G available
  • Fully customizable high availability
  • Advanced technology available (VXLAN, VPC/VLT, Fabric)

Public cloud connectivity

Public cloud connectivity is used to create private dedicated network connectivity between your XLHost infrstructure and your infrastructure at AWS, Azure, Google, and/or IBM.


  • Private dedicated connectivity to AWS Direct Connect, IBM, Azure ExpressRoute and Google Cloud Interconnect
  • Physical and/or VPN/SD-WAN connectivity available
  • Various connection speeds and high availability options