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Hardware Firewall

A dedicated hardware firewall inspects and filters all traffic entering your network from XLHost. For more information please see the Hardware Firewall Protection product page. Hardware Firewall Protection is a single port on a shared firewall managed by XLHost. McAfee Endpoint Advanced Suite offers malware protection & software firewall protection. For more information please visit McAfee.

Backup & NAS

NAS offers mountable off server storage. This is a self-managed backup solution. For more information please see the Network Storage product page. XLGuard offers continuous automated data protection. For more information please visit the Data Security product page.

Remote Management

Remote reset allows you to reboot your server remotely via a web based interface. KVM/IP provides BIOS level dedicated server access and the ability to mount ISO’s for custom installations.

Server Management

XLHost offers a multitude of managed hosting services. For more information please see one of our Solutions pages.


An XLerator is a free add-on which you can add to your dedicated server.


Enter the desired quantity of servers.

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Order Details

Base Server


Dell PowerEdge R750

CPU: Dual Xeon Gold 6346 (32 3.1GHz cores)

Memory: 32GB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM

Storage: 4 1920GB Read Intensive PCIe Gen4 NVMe

RAID: RAID-1 (Included)

Bandwidth: 20000GB Transfer

Uplink Port Speed: 1000Mbps Connection

IP Addresses: 13 IPs (Included)